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1983 R100

First, a ramp had to be made using leftover wood and a pack of wood screws. It came out nicely and worked well.
I used my sons trusty truck to get both, motorcycle and ramp loaded.

As you can see the ramp took up quite some space!

Fast forward from May 2012 to about May 2014: my R60/5 engine project took a bad turn and wanting to ride the 2015 season, I got the R100 out of storage and started taking it apart. The forks came first.

Everything looked gook except for the leaky seals, so there was only 150ml of fork oil in it.

The California emission system was plugged. I spoke to Bill and it appeared it was the easy way out at the time, a temporary fix made permanent. I decided to leave it alone: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Alright, it doesn't look fantastic but the original design entails a steel adapter screwed into a cast aluminum head. Who knows what can happen if the threads are badly gulled and you're having a go at it.

Removed left cylinder and head in one piece to replace pushrod seals, replaced o-rings (large and small) since I was already in there.

Remove right hand cylinder and did the same. Observed something peculiar in the process.

Found the RHS wristpin C-ring to have "interesting" dimensions : should be 20.4mm but actually is 21,5mm ... to be used on a 22mm shaft! Yes, it was very lose and showed signed of increased wear as well as being warped. It may have been introduced when the original owner had the SS valves fitted and the shop used the closest they had in stores. Who knows. I replaced it.

This is asking the question: which one for the RS conversion? I will be using the shorter one.

K75 bars and instruments on the modfied 1987+ top triple tree.

The top triple tree actually is a bottom triple tree of a 1987 R80 front fork, modified and sleeved to fit the 36mm R100 fork setup.

"The Emperors New Clothes" (right view)

"The Emperors New Clothes" (center view)

"The Emperors New Clothes" (left view)

Preparing the wiring loom for the fairing instruments

wiring for oil pressure and voltmeter instruments

Auto Meter SPORT-COMP oil pressure and voltmeter instruments

Night lights

My eyesight is not getting better with age ...

Lots of wires, cables and hoses to fit around the K75 bars ... but it all came out nicely.

Transmission linkage: a righty and a lefty is needed todo it right!

Wear on wheel splines

Wear on final drive spline #1

Wear on final drive spline #2


2 walkaround movies, both take some time to load (depending on your internet speed):
Walkaround #1 . Walkaround #2

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